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Chat started: 2018-12-19 07:24 PM UTC

(07:24:45 PM) Paula Kettner: My youmail shows it is active but just now it allowed a call to come through. I have my block setting set at maximum. What the heck?

(07:24:47 PM) YouMail Chat: Thank you for contacting YouMail! A YouMail support representative will assist you in just a moment. When the support agent joins, please give them some time to look over your account.

(07:24:49 PM) *** Lola joined the chat ***

(07:25:49 PM) Lola: Hello Paula. I just searched your number and I found your account but I don't know you have been activated in almost 60 days

(07:26:25 PM) Paula Kettner: Huh? You don't know what?

(07:27:14 PM) Lola: I don't understand what you mean

(07:27:47 PM) Paula Kettner: What are you trying to tell me? What don't you know?

(07:28:05 PM) Paula Kettner: You told me you searched my account and it showed what?

(07:28:17 PM) Lola: Oh I am sorry!

(07:28:30 PM) Lola: I show that you have not been activated*** in over 60 days

(07:28:39 PM) Paula Kettner: Are you trying to tell me you have no solution as to why calls are coming through even at my max setting?

(07:28:51 PM) Lola: No....I am saying you need to reactivate

(07:29:16 PM) Paula Kettner: That is odd considering I use it every day

(07:29:32 PM) Lola: Your missed calls have not been forwarding to YouMail

(07:29:45 PM) Lola: Do you have another phone number that is set up with YouMail?

(07:29:52 PM) Paula Kettner: Nope

(07:30:10 PM) Paula Kettner: Is there a way to refresh and check?

(07:31:14 PM) Lola: When you get voice messages, they are going to YouMail? You listen to them through your YouMail app?

(07:32:25 PM) Lola: Agent uploaded: paula.jpg


Type: image/jpeg

Size: 76617

(07:32:28 PM) Paula Kettner: No. I have ways listened to them through my carrier. My other calls that come through are blocked though. It is just the one call that was not.

(07:32:47 PM) Lola: If they are going to your carrier...then they are not going to YouMail

(07:33:28 PM) Paula Kettner: Okay but why are all the other calls blocked and not this one? That's what I don't understand

(07:33:51 PM) Lola: You will need to contact your carrier

(07:34:00 PM) Paula Kettner: For what?

(07:34:20 PM) Lola: For your issue. You are not activated with our service

(07:34:37 PM) Paula Kettner: And what will that solve?

(07:34:40 PM) Lola: Paula

(07:35:11 PM) Lola: You need to contact your carrier. I am not sure why you are contacting YouMail because you are not set up with our service in any way, shape or form

(07:35:24 PM) Lola: Whatever issue you are having at the moment that led you to contact YouMail, you will need to contact your carrier

(07:37:18 PM) Paula Kettner: Great service you have Lola. Very rude and negative response you have. Having a *** attitude response is very professional of you. To response with what you wrote is down right ***

(07:37:37 PM) Lola: It's not actually. It's straight forward

(07:37:40 PM) Lola: Have a good day

(07:37:43 PM) *** Lola left the chat ***

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