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I feel this app is used to intimated, embarrassed and drag a person into the death zone. By being a coward standing in control of Ones personal business and family phone calls by forwarding your calls to a unknown caller. Or ease drop and remove ones pride. This app was on my phone for 2 Years before I found it or anyone told me. I was just astonishing fragile to think I had been stalked and was unaware of this. Only to dismiss this service from my phone. And the same on the account opened another link to my husband..

(This was created during the time I owned this number as well).

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You make no sense whatsoever. Issues?

Olathe, Kansas, United States #1197164


Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States #1149444

I feel that you need to get hooked on phonics and, also seek some obvious much needed therapy!


The only reason any intelligent biped should feel this way is if they just like wasting their time. Maybe you're blocked from annoying someone.

Return the soap box to the store and find some other way to express your ridicules philosophies. all I can say is wow!

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